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  1. Courtez

    Courtez DevLog

    Hello everyone! If you aren't familiar with a devlog, it's essentially a blog where I will add a post for each milestone in my game developing journey. So far that journey consists of following some tutorials to learn things. It's a useful thing to be able to look back at and see the progress...
  2. Courtez

    Pausing Rage MP Development... To Do Something Better!

    PPS I'll be around on discord today if you want to come yell at me and tell me this is a horrible idea and I've lost my mind.
  3. Courtez

    Pausing Rage MP Development... To Do Something Better!

    Paradise Gaming's Future You've all been patiently waiting for updates on our Rage MP server, and over the past few months unfortunately I haven't had an update to give. We had great momentum over my Christmas break when I wasn't working, but then real life got in the way, I had to focus on...
  4. Courtez

    Injuries and EMS script Discussion

    The /me can be generic, but I'd like for the injury system to be a lot more specific behind the scenes, so an X-ray could be taken and reveal that it's a fractured tibia.
  5. Courtez

    Server is Comin' Along!

    Server is Comin' Along! Hello everyone, Just wanted to share a quick update on where the server is currently at development-wise. We have been hard at work over on building out the initial features. Authentication Login and signup are fully functional, complete...
  6. Courtez

    [1.04] The MobArena is Ready!

    MobArena, Farm Control & Voting Reminders! After lots of anticipation, we finally feel like our first Mob Arena is ready for action! With 75 rounds carefully built to keep you challenged, and 8 custom classes to use, Wesley has fine tuned our Mob Arena for maximum enjoyment, and great...
  7. Courtez

    [1.03] NEW SPAWN!

    New Spawn & Related Updates! @TheButterscotch did a FANTASTIC job on our new spawn, it is absolutely incredible. Leaning on the inspiration for a Wild West themed spawn from @Timothy, butters has taken it to a new level, and it is sure to shock and awe anyone who comes through our server...
  8. Courtez

    What sort of donator features would you like to see?

    Hey all! We're evaluating how we want donator perks to work at Paradise, and specifically for Minecraft what sort of things might be good to offer. Ideally I think we want these to be fun ways to support the community without giving people an advantage over others.
  9. Courtez

    [1.02] HopperSorter and Spleef arena!

    Quick update for ya' today folks! We've added the hopper sorter to hopefully help people create automated filters more efficiently to help keep our server running blazing fast for you! We've also updated some anticheat configs after discussing with the author of the anticheat package we're using...
  10. Courtez

    [1.01] Towny Jail Fixed & AnvilLot Plugin!

    We have released a brand new update to the Minecraft server! Updated versions of the following plugins have been pulled in to fix a variety of issues: Towny WorldEdit VotingPlugin EssentialsX Dynmap Anticheat In addition, we have added a new plugin, AnvilLot which will enable you to gain...