Getting Started With Arma 3


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Jul 16, 2021
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Getting Started With Arma 3​


Step 1 - Install Arma 3 & Teamspeak

If you haven't already, install Arma 3 and ensure it's on a hard drive that has enough space to accommodate the game and the accompanying mods. Installing Teamspeak will be required to use ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment). This allows us to speak to each other locally and with radios while in-game.​

Step 2 - Get Our Server Information

Go HERE and get our latest server information. This will have our Arma 3 server IP and port, Teamspeak IP, and mod pack download.​

Step 3 - Download & Install Our Mod Pack

  • Right-click the page and "Save Page As..." to download the HTML file.​
  • 1bB6N7
  • Open your Arma 3 launcher on Steam and go to the "Mods" tab.
  • Navigate to the top right and click on the "Preset" (Step 1) button to open the drop-down. At the bottom of the new menu click on "Import" (Step 2).​
  • After clicking on "Import", select the HTML file you downloaded. This will import our preset mod pack automatically. This will result in a new window appearing asking you if you wish to download these mods on the Steam Workshop by subscribing. Click yes and allow your Steam Client to download the mods. It may take some time.​
  • You may need to close your Arma 3 Launcher for the downloads to occur occasionally. You may also click "Save As" on the top right to save this new preset with a custom name if you'd like.​

Step 4 - Install ACRE

  • ACRE should install automatically. If it does not, there are manual methods to do so outlined in the official ACRE documentation HERE. ACRE installs by moving plugin files to your Teamspeak 3 plugin folder after being downloaded from the Steam Workshop.​
  • To automatically install ACRE, simply launch your game with the mod preset you installed.​
    • A pop-up will appear giving you information about and confirming the installation's success.​
  • To ensure your ACRE is properly installed, go to Teamspeak 3.​
    • At the top menu bar of Teamspeak 3, click on "Tools" (Step 1) then "Options" (Step 2).​
    • You will see a menu appear. On the left-hand side, navigate to "Addons" (Step 3).​
    • Under the "Addons" section you will see "ACRE2" (Step 4) along with the "Enabled" button being highlighted (Step 5) if it was installed properly.​
  • It is recommended that you run your Teamspeak 3 as an administrator.​
  • You can connect to the Teamspeak 3 server and add it to your bookmarks by going to the top and selecting "Bookmarks" and "Manage Bookmarks".
  • Click "Add Bookmark" on the bottom left and fill out the parameters "Bookmark Name", "Nickname", and "Server Nickname or Address".
  • Use this bookmark to connect to Teamspeak 3 in the future when you play.

Step 5 - Connect To The Server

The easiest way to do this is to launch your game with the mod pack, go to the server browser in-game, and direct connect to "" with the default port, "2302". The server name will be "Paradise Gaming | Main Server |" and the password is "paradise". If you can successfully connect, grab a slot, and load into the game, then congrats, Your mod pack is working! You'll want to connect to Teamspeak 3 and once in-game, you'll be automatically moved to "OP Room 1" as long as your ACRE2 plugin is enabled. This verifies that your ACRE plugin is working.​

Step 6 - Read About Our Latest Campaign / Missions

Information regarding our latest campaign or missions will always be posted on the forums HERE. The Arma 3 section as a whole will contain our After Action Reviews, Guides like this one, etc. Each mission in the campaign we play has a list of slots you can signup for and all of the relevant information.​

Step 7 - Signup or Join In Progress

Simply mark your attendance by reacting to the Operation Thread on Discord with an emoji, it will be named something like "OP Alpha (JAN 1)".​

If you want to reserve a specific slot that's specialized like leadership, pilot, TACP, sniper, etc, just let us know in that thread as well and if that slot becomes available, we'll fill it, first come, first serve. Information about each mission is posted in its own forum thread that will always be linked on the Discord as well.​

Step 8 - Get Your Unit Introduction Done!

Let us know on the Arma 3 section of the Discord that you need your "Unit Introduction" complete. A recruiter or trainer will run you through a small familiarization course. This course will ensure that you have the basic knowledge to play with us and are familiar with our settings. It will include basic versions of things like...​
  • Small Unit Tactics​
  • Medical and Communications Training​
  • Weapon Familiarization​
  • Keybinds & Settings​
  • Etc.​
This Unit Introduction is tailored towards the skill and competency of the player. A brand new player will receive much more assistance and attention than a player who has several hundred or even thousand hours. It wouldn't be necessary to go over basic formations with a veteran player whereas it would be necessary with a brand new player.​
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