Community Badges

OG Member

One of the original members of Paradise Gaming. Cool as can be, slothlike!

OG JTFR Member

A member of Joint Task Force Romeo before the merge with Paradise Gaming.

Investigator Dog

Only for the dogs of Paradise Gaming with the keenest of senses.

One Year In Paradise

For those salty dogs who've been with Paradise Gaming for over a year!

The Grizz

Given to those who admire the man, the myth, the legend, Kyriakos Grizzly, AHHHHHHHHH!

Bean Connoisseur

A special badge for lovers of beans, especially Heinz beans in tomato sauce. Yummy.

Wooden Clog Enjoyer

The wooden clog enjoyer sports only the best protective and casual footwear. Premium Dutch quality.

A Crown Fit For a King

The crown belonging to the first person named king in Minecraft on Paradise Gaming, Mutt377.