Server is Comin' Along!

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Server is Comin' Along!​

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick update on where the server is currently at development-wise. We have been hard at work over on building out the initial features.

Login and signup are fully functional, complete with email verification. The forgot password flow has a UI, but still needs to be hooked up to the backend.



Character Selection & Creation
This past week we have spent about 15 hours of development time solely on making character creation as amazing as we possibly can. Think Dungeons & Dragons character sheet meets GTA Online character customization. We strongly believe our character creation process will promote a high standard of roleplay and provide an amazing level of customization for players to enjoy. I will be making a video of the character creation process when it is completed, but for now here is a sneak peak.

Character selection exists, and the backend is complete, but the frontend is going to receive an overhaul once character creation is finished, so that character selection can show off the beautiful characters you have designed!



The inventory is also very work-in-progress. I intend to return to this once character selection and creation are buttoned-up. For now though, scripts can create items where necessary, and check a player's inventory for the existence of items to gate logic like the ability to lock or unlock a vehicle.

For the inventory UI, we've chosen to go with a list-based inventory rather than image based. We may revisit this later, but for the time being a list based UI allows us to build really awesome features really quickly, so that's what we're focused on. The list inventory supports containers, and moving items between containers with drag-and-drop.

We will be building out more of the item system in the near future to support dropping items on the ground, moving them around with a map editor, and interacting with items directly to build complex features.



For vehicles we have built out just the most basic features like spawning vehicles directly, setting their owner, and deleting them. We have also built the pay-n-spray feature, vehicle right clicking, as well as a working analog speedometer. We have big plans for the vehicle system & how to incorporate mechanics, and we hope to show you more of that soon!

We have also made some modifications to the vehicle physics of GTA V. We have removed the ability to control your vehicle while it is airborne, making it impossible to adjust the vehicle to achieve a perfect landing every time you hit a jump. We have also disabled the ability to wiggle the vehicle back onto it's wheels after it has flipped over onto it's roof. We believe the removal of these features will result in more realistic vehicle crashes, and more role play opportunities for towing and medical factions.

Repair Station Preview

Speedometer Preview

Vehicle Right Clicking

All of the features we have built so far, we have built with modularity in mind, so that as we continue to build, it just gets easier to add more features to already existing systems. I am very excited about the progress we have made so far, and can't wait to show you more progress as we continue!

As always, if you have any suggestions, please write them out here on the forums so we can keep track of them, and work ideas out together! If you want to keep up more with the development, join us on discord here: and I always drop an announcement when I am live streaming development.