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We're Live!​

Howdy everyone!

After a bit of setup, we're happy to announce our forums are officially live to the public! We hope you'll find the forum sections intuitive and easy to pick up and begin using. As the community grows, so too will the amount of sections and categories as users show interest. At the top on the navigation bar we have several sections including Information, the Calendar, and a Discord invite link. Take a bit of time and go through these pages, we're in the process of writing the Getting Started guide to help new players quickly get in game on Minecraft and Arma and participate in the community. As community events become a regular occurance, they'll be put onto the calendar and announced to the public, so check back there frequently.

You'll also notice under the information tab that we have community badges. They're given out if users meet certain criteria and it's meant to be a fun little way to document community memes or inside jokes or reward members for doing a stellar job. If you have any ideas for new badges to add, use our Contact Form on the right sidebar of the forums and let me know! Feel free to contact us about anything else related to the forums or community, the contact form goes to all senior staff (lead admin+).

Last but not least, take a look at our Community Guidelines. We're pretty chill, dude, just be cool.