Server Updates

[1.02] HopperSorter and Spleef arena!

Quick update for ya' today folks! We've added the hopper sorter to hopefully help people create automated filters more efficiently to help keep our server running blazing fast for you! We've also updated some anticheat configs after discussing with the author of the anticheat package we're using to hopefully remove some false positives you all were encountering.

The spleef arena package is added, we'll be working out the details and adding our first arena here really soon, so stay tuned...

[1.04] The MobArena is Ready!

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MobArena, Farm Control & Voting Reminders!​


After lots of anticipation, we finally feel like our first Mob Arena is ready for action! With 75 rounds carefully built to keep you challenged, and 8 custom classes to use, Wesley has fine tuned our Mob Arena for maximum enjoyment, and great rewards if you can survive!

In this update we have also launched some plugin updates that should solve more false-positives...

[1.03] NEW SPAWN!

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New Spawn & Related Updates!​


@TheButterscotch did a FANTASTIC job on our new spawn, it is absolutely incredible. Leaning on the inspiration for a Wild West themed spawn from @Timothy, butters has taken it to a new level, and it is sure to shock and awe anyone who comes through our server.

Added datapacks:
  • Configurable Armor Statues
  • Armored Elytra
  • Dragon Drops
  • More Mob...

[1.01] Towny Jail Fixed & AnvilLot Plugin!

We have released a brand new update to the Minecraft server!

Updated versions of the following plugins have been pulled in to fix a variety of issues:
  • Towny
  • WorldEdit
  • VotingPlugin
  • EssentialsX
  • Dynmap
  • Anticheat

In addition, we have added a new plugin, AnvilLot which will enable you to gain more than 40 XP levels to do more expensive enchants on your gear.

We have also made changes again to how McMMO levels are acquired to hopefully make it harder to continue...