[1.04] The MobArena is Ready!

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MobArena, Farm Control & Voting Reminders!​


After lots of anticipation, we finally feel like our first Mob Arena is ready for action! With 75 rounds carefully built to keep you challenged, and 8 custom classes to use, Wesley has fine tuned our Mob Arena for maximum enjoyment, and great rewards if you can survive!

In this update we have also launched some plugin updates that should solve more false-positives in our anticheat system, and other quality of life improvements.

We have also added farm control, which should improve our server's performance with all of the large animal farms on the server.

And finally, we now have automatic announcements reminding you to vote for the server on the top sites we've registered for, as well as reminding you to join our discord and these forums!

Thank you for playing with us, and we'll keep working to make the server better!