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    Game Night Discussion

    CS:GO would be fun as well. I haven't played in a super long time. Ready or Not and Zero Hour are fun COOP games.
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    Server is Comin' Along!

    That came along faster than expected! The streams were fun to watch :)
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    Gunga Ginga?

    Gunga Ginga?
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Arma 3, Escape from Tarkov, just learning DCS, and I plan on reinstalling Kingdom Come Deliverance and playing that a bit. It's pretty lit. We still need to play Barkov. @Vubstersmurf :yikesshrek:
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    MTA/GTA 5 Memories and Memes Thread

    Good ol' BoTS!
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    MTA/GTA 5 Memories and Memes Thread

    An old one from Root Gaming, back in August 2014.
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    Welcome To The Paradise Gaming Forums!

    We're Live! Howdy everyone! After a bit of setup, we're happy to announce our forums are officially live to the public! We hope you'll find the forum sections intuitive and easy to pick up and begin using. As the community grows, so too will the amount of sections and categories as users...