Farming Simulator 22


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Jul 20, 2021
If you would like to play FS22 with us, the server is up and running our Survival/Hard modpack.

Download link:
(Note: some mods are custom, do not update from the modhub in game)

When the mods are installed, search "Paradise Gaming" in the multiplayer list to connect.

*All crops and growth settings turned on (crop destruction, periodic plowing, fieldstone, lime and weeds)
*Hard economy
*Shellbrook Creek Map (4x, lots of big fields and 3 yards for player owned farms, tons of trees for forestry)
*More contracts (you can also refresh for new ones)
*Supply & Transport contracts
*Straw can be harvested when completing harvesting contracts
*Lumberjack mod (Improved chainsaw, toggleable super strength)
*First person horse riding
*Increased amount of used vehicles sales (check the store often!)
*Lime factory placeable (turns stones into lime)

*Straw can be destroyed if driven over
*No loans
*No sleeping
*No AI helpers

Any suggestions for mods/tweaks are appreciated!