What sort of donator features would you like to see?


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Jul 16, 2021
Hey all! We're evaluating how we want donator perks to work at Paradise, and specifically for Minecraft what sort of things might be good to offer. Ideally I think we want these to be fun ways to support the community without giving people an advantage over others.
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Jul 22, 2021

Okay. I've done some digging, and it seems like most successful servers give out minor rewards or purely cosmetic rewards in exchange for the donation. This is to keep players from becoming overpowered, or economies from being wrecked.

That being said, I found some cool ideas online that I think are interesting.

Minor Reward:
- Being able to rename items (excluding name tags) on anvils without an enchantment cost.
- Offer a monthly or a monetary goal reward. (Not sure what it should be yet, and the longer the donator may have a say in the reward. I don't know.)
- Donator Hall: THE HALL OF DONATORS! Could either be a spot for donators to chill or just a spot where the server recognizes the donators.
- If our server ever gets to the point where it is full, you could grant donators priority access. Not sure how this would work out.
- Donator Milestones: Once the server reaches a specific amount of donations, everyone could receive $1000. Obviously this can be reworked, but the idea gets across. And it doesn't just benefit the Donators, it benefits everyone.

Cosmetic Rewards:
- Login Effects: When a player logs in, a harmless(but impressive) lightning bolt will strike their location. This can also be done with fireworks!
- Trails and Particle Effects: A player can toggle particle trails that follow them (for example, bubbles or flames).
- Hat plugins that allow players to put items on their head as a decoration. (I think we already have this implemented but I'm not sure).
- Pets that follow players around (on top of the normal tamable animals like parrots or llamas).
- Unique chat colors, tags, or rank names. Can you put icons in the name? Something to look at maybe.
- Unique Player join Message

Another suggestion to accommodate players who can't donate is to make a trade off system. Basically, they can trade something they got in game for Donator Perks. Obviously you don't want the cost to be something that can be farmed, or at least farmed easy. Such as XP. A possible choice, if we ever implement a hours system, is after 100 hours, you can get a day of perks. Or something like that.


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Here are some donor perks I've played with and while some might give a slight advantage to donors, I don't think they are cheaty or pay-to-win but mainly giving more interest/desire to donate for perks. Also, I'm not necessarily asking for everything on this list but I'm just giving ideas, and it will need to be balanced ofc

  • Access to better /kits (i know we dont have any now), this can include weekly kits that have more crate keys or basic supplies like food

  • Additional /sethome perks (the higher the donor tiers the more /sethomes)
  • Additional job slots

  • Increased McMMO xp rates/multiplier
  • Increased Job xp rate
    • (can be a small increase to help balance mcmmo like 1.1x, 1.2x, etc per rank)

  • A one-time bonus of money (nothing too big ofc)
  • A one-time bonus of 64-128 exp bottles

Command Access:
  • /workbench
  • /enderchest
  • /recipe
  • /hat
  • /nick
    • Access to essentials chat colors in chat Access to Colored /nick (remove access to red &4 &c as they are admin colors) and &0 black, too hard to read.
    • Access to essentials color coding on signs
  • /ptime
  • /pweather
  • /trash
  • /feed (on 2-5 minute cooldown)
  • /back
  • /rename

some give access to /fly but that is more cheaty than the rest

Access to /pets and increasing pet types (not 100% sure if this is part of essentials)